Friday, April 15, 2011

Social Networking and Online Privacy

Over at the Legal Talk Network there was a recent podcast that details much information about how websites like Facebook can affect a workers comp claim. For that matter anything online can be information that is used by the other side. Even employers can check into employees or prospective employees online. Investigators or insurance adjustors are very interested in finding out about claimants. Moreover the information you post is forever online or so it seems. In this podcast there is a very interesting discussion on this and it can also be useful for attorneys. I also noticed another podcast on surveillance and it is also revealing about what is done when surveillance is requested. Both of these podcasts are fascinating but are provided here for general information. Much of this may apply to Colorado but perhaps not all. I can say that if a claimant has a high value claim or claim for a serious injury or has something that raises a red flag that insurers will gather up information which can be from online sources or private investigators. Every claimant should be careful with their online or public activities. Even discussions with friends, neighbors or co-workers can affect the claim.

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