Monday, June 06, 2011

Colorado Springs News on Dr Shockney

I am providing a link to a Gazette newspaper article on a local psychotherapist Dr Shockney. It is a detailed article which questions the credentials and expertise of this individual. Dr Shockney was sometimes involved in workers compensation cases and also in many other matters, civil and criminal. I am not sure what the outcome of this will be but today another article was posted over at the Gazette. I imagine that more will be forthcoming. A psychiatrist is an M.D., but there are other professionals in the mental health field and the article suggests that the state does not regulate psychotherapists very well. The original article was explosive to say the least. It certainly appears to be highly researched but we will have to wait for further developments. Some fields do not require an extensive education and testing or life experiences can be part of your expertise.
UPDATE: The Gazette on June 22, 2011 is reporting that Dr. Shockney is retiring immediately.

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