Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Medicare Quickly Covers End Stage Renal Disease

There need be no prolonged wait to obtain medicare if you have ESRD (end stage renal disease). Often those who obtain Social Security disability have to wait for medicare but in this situation no matter who you are or even if you have not obtained any disability benefits you can quickly get medicare coverage. This article which appears in this link addresses this matter along with other points. Sadly obtaining disability can be a prolonged process but it is good to know that in this area you can quickly get on medicare regardless of your age or circumstance. I still believe that leaving medical care in the hands of private insurance is not the best approach for those with serious injury or illness. We can believe in free enterprise but also realize that society has to step in when it affects all of us. We see this with fire protection and police and the military and education. Also we should see that in the human area of healthcare. Its high cost and immense impact on all of us should be a social or societal concern. In any event medicare can step in for you if you have ESRD without much waiting around.

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