Monday, July 04, 2011

Retirement is coming soon!

While I shall continue to publish this blog it is just about my time to retire from an active law practice. I am not taking any new matters and only seeking to resolve all the remaining cases that I have. What I can say to all those thinking about and searching for an attorney is whenever possible at least consult with an attorney about your case. The laws and rules involving workers compensation and Social Security disability are quite complex. Thinking it is just common sense and form work is a major mistake. Deadlines are not to be ignored and some matters seem to go against common sense. The reason is that these areas are creatures of statute. Benefits, rights and responsibilities are what the law says they are not what you think it should be. Entire claims can be lost by assuming something that is not so. So it is better to consult to assess what can be done and if you need legal help. Claims that look like small matters or you are told are minor can be worth an enormous sum. Never rely on the accuracy of what you are being told by your employer or the insurer. Just protect yourself and the best way to do that may well be with an attorney. I have nothing to gain here because I am retiring but I know this...wherever possible use an experienced attorney. Even cases where you think the offer to settle is decent may actually be worth much more. Even where all is going along fine so you think you are being taken care of by the insurer please consult with an attorney. Too much may be at stake financially, medically and emotionally to not obtain good legal advice. And do not be afraid to check with more then one attorney. It is your claim and your future that is at stake. As I head into the sunset of my practice I can say that the legal profession has been rewarding not just financially but in making a difference for others. You usually do it one person and one case at a time but you also achieve real results for real people. You also stand up for those injured and disabled just when they are most vulnerable. For me that has been very special. So thanks for allowing me to help. I shall continue however to write and speak up in this blog for as long as I can.

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