Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Top Workers Compensation Blogs for 2011

This blog has again been honored by its 2011 selection into the top 25 worker's comp blogs in the country by LexisNexis. This is our fourth year in a row. But I really liked what they said about this blog because it brings home the point that good writing about this tough area need not be boring at all and perhaps even worthwhile to our readers. Here from the LexisNexis website is what was said:

" Who says workers' comp writing has to be boring? Colorado Workers' Comp Blog, offered by Colorado Springs Attorney Richard Falcone, is an excellent example of an attorney who writes with depth and clarity, all the while sprinkled with flair and even humor. Falcone, who writes from the perspective of the injured and disabled worker, continues to provide readers with commentary and analysis. Falcone's September 16, 2011 post, entitled "New Court Case on Medical Benefits," and his May 13, 2011 article, "Munoz Court Case on DIME waiver," sift through complex medical issues with relative ease. He also enjoys the hypothetical-his February 4, 2011, "Does Charlie Sheen Have a Workers' Comp Claim," reacts to a whimsical question posted on a satirical blog, "the Spoof," regarding the antics of the former star of television's Two and a Half Men."

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