Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last Friday's Lunch Meeting

Once a month or every so often a few local attorneys meet for lunch and to discuss workers comp and Social Security disability concerns. It is informal but it is useful for all of us to be able to "talk shop" in an area that is as complex as workers compensation and disability. It's also enjoyable and most importantly it helps us all to talk things out. Last Friday a doctor showed up and we had a discussion on pain medicine and therapies. We also discussed other topics such as the Waddell signs. Dr. Waddell (a noted orthopedic surgeon in Great Britain) several years ago presented that certain non-physical matters might affect a person. This seems to have been misinterpreted so that some providers suggest that exaggeration or faking is present if several of the Waddell's signs are present. The fact is Dr. Waddell disavowed that interpretation. In any event we discussed this and I brought with me the latest copy of Dr. Waddell's more recent book. It was a most enjoyable and educational lunch and thanks to the doctor for his attendance!

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