Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Television advertising by attorneys UGH!

It may be that some advertising is useful but as of today I am turned off by many of the TV ads by attorneys. The fact is workers comp cases are not easy and there are no automatic recoveries with big dollar figures. Moreover in Social Security disability hearings at the local level the statistics suggest that many people lose! The statistics I've been given vary depending on the local Judge but one Judge issues favorable decisions less than half the time. So advertising that leaves you with the impression the lawyer is invincible or a cash king is hogwash. There are two things to address here. First, some of these ads are being run so many times on several stations that it seems like half the ads on TV are attorney ads. I admit that is only my impression but the repetition is excessive! Of course I have a DVR so I skip most of them but I am astounded at the number of lawyer ads on television. Second, this much advertising can result in a huge caseload. So unless you are careful even the best lawyer can be overwhelmed with work. There can be pressure to settle or resolve cases to feed the costs of operating and advertising such a practice. My experience has been to limit the number of cases we handle because each case we do take will almost always involve a great deal of time and energy. Anyone with a work injury or disability has physical, emotional and financial problems plus legal problems added to the mix. This means every case is unique and deserves individualized efforts to get through it with minimal problems. Often a seriously injured case takes over a year to resolve. If so...that is the way it is and should be and rushing to settle is not wise. Excessive advertising expenses and a huge caseload can complicate or even harm this process. Today my main issue with the ads is that they are flooding the airwaves and are unrealistic. So I say UGH! Anything that sounds too good to be true is often not good and not true. By the way some TV ads are professionally done and helpful. I just dislike ads that seem over the line.

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