Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Attorneys do make a difference!

One statistic kept by the state of Colorado shows that having an attorney does make a difference in the amount of your benefits. On average a decent attorney can increase your compensation by around 150% when compared to not having an attorney. In some cases this is much much higher. Insurance companies rarely admit someone is totally disabled and here the difference can be huge. One recent case resulted in $180,000.00 additional dollars or 4 times more then first offered. In other cases the workers comp doctor may say the person is released without impairment only to be proven wrong. This can lead to both medical and dollar benefits. The injured worker is led to think the doctor said he is without impairment so the case seems worth little. Turns out more treatment is needed and likely far more dollar benefits then zero! You'd be surprised how many people seek out an attorney when they are denied further care and simply want to get well. So while there are no guarantees attorneys frequently do make a big difference in most cases. In any event here is the stat on attorneys as of the year 2004...click here.

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