Monday, July 16, 2007

National Health Care?

Health coverage under workers comp is variable. One plus is that for covered and reasonable care the benefit is 100% coverage as long as necessary. The problem is that insurers often deny coverage for one reason or another and this can slow down or eliminate needed medical care. Also you go to one doctor for your injury, another for your overall health and must deal with varying coverages. VA, Medicare, Medicaid, perhaps even coverage under auto policies and a great array of insurance companies all with their own set of rules and payment plans make our current health care system terribly inefficient. To limit benefits is to ration them so the cry that we have the best health care system is questionable. Lately I've come around to accept that drastic change is called for and so have others. Even physicians have a website that promotes a national plan. While I strongly believe in free enterprise I realize the current hodgepodge is not working. One recent proposed law to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices like the VA does failed and so lower drug prices for medicare beneficiaries was denied. To me that is not free enterprise it is favorable treatment for the drug companies. In any event here is the link to the Physicians website with various articles on healthcare:

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