Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Medical Ops....UPDATE!

Yesterday a Denver station Channel 7 noted that Medical Ops Management is now out of business. Here is a link to the full article:

This pertains to doctor examinations going through the above noted company. It has been alleged that doctor reports were altered or changed without approval by the doctor. Since this can affect the treatment and outcome of cases it was a very serious matter as reported by this station.

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rk said...

I had the unfortunate DIME through Med Ops Management. The doctors DIME put my lower lumbar two disk herniations and my mental state at “Baseline” and MMI. How absurd. I never drank alcohol or put a gun to my head prior to being injured in 2002. Yet, according to this doctor that shared the same office as Med Ops stated in his DIME on Meds Ops Management’s letterhead, that I was "Baseline” in these two areas. Since then I have been denied treatment for my lower lumbar back even though MRI's and a DiskOGram show that the disks are actually protruding into my spine which was not the case prior to my injury in 2002. The DIME doctor even had the records from 9 years prior to my current injury to my lower lumbar that showed that there had been additional injury to my lower lumbar in this new injury, yet Meds Ops Management favored the insurer because I had a previous lower lumbar injury and also went through mental issues during the two years of treatment in 1993. My mental state has declined to a state that I can no longer function in daily life And have again considered suicide At one point in the last three years I was treated at a local emergency room because I could not control my crying and suicidal ideation. I actually had cried none stop for two days because the insurer did not pay the pharmacy bills and I was denied the one medication that has kept me some what sane for the last five years as the insurer drags my W/C case out and continues to deny treatment for what the Med Ops Managements doctors report that I was "Baseline" for those two issues.