Monday, April 14, 2008

Customer Service in Workers Comp

In Colorado they have developed a customer service section at the state Division of Workers Compensation. They are there to help to the extent they can in some basic areas though of course they do not go to hearings or otherwise perform legal duties. In some cases the claimant cannot find an attorney or feels they do not need one and at least the customer service people try to help out. But the statistics maintained by the state also seem to tell us that claims or inquiries about claims in workers comp are down. Despite increases in population the customer service stats say that less people are calling them or dropping by. In 1997-8 there were over 83000 calls/drop ins at the office yet by 2005-6 the number had dropped to some 58000. As I noted back in July 2007 the number of hearings also went down. Why? Are there less workers in Colorado? Nope. My view is that we have to conclude that either less people are getting hurt or that more claims are not being prosecuted or pushed as hard as they could be. I do know that in the old days you'd almost always be able to find an attorney to take your case but that is changing. In any event if you wish to contact customer service click here for the number.

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