Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tackling Colorado Health Insurance Rates

This is a bit off topic but it relates to a health issue just as workers comp and Social Security disability also have health issues. Rep. Carroll who I earlier posted on is active in trying to stem the uncontrolled hikes in health insurance rates. Personally I have come around to believe in a National Health policy. I just do not believe that our medical care should be in the hands of for profit companies. It forces conflict and waste. It should be paid for but under some universal system. In Colorado we are actually healthier then the national average and spend less then average on health care yet we are 7th highest in insurance rates. Rep. Carroll is introducing a bill to regulate this and not simply allow unlimited rate increases without going through the insurance commissioner. While I believe in free enterprise health like utilities or fire protection is too big a social concern to be left to profit making companies. The social compact we have as a country needs free enterprise but when it simply can't work and harms the country we need a different approach. Police, fire, the military and other safety minded agencies (FTC, FDA, SEC, the Fed etc.) exist because without them life would degenerate to survival of the fittest, wealthiest and most powerful. For now any approach to regulate health insurance is better than none so I support it. Intense lobbying will happen to kill this so watch for the insurance companies to try overwhelm us with fear ads as we get closer to a vote. For more information on this bill click here.

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