Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Injured Workers Bill of Rights

At another website they have posted the Injured Workers Bill of Rights. This is not Colorado law but perhaps should be. What concerns me is that the injured and disabled are not afforded fair benefits and treatment. What is provided is limited. For example the law has offsets so that if you are totally disabled you are not going to get a full workers comp check and a full Social Security disability check even if you are totally unable to work. The theory is why should you get double benefits. Therefore the state says there is an offset. You get one benefit check in full but the other is lowered. In Colorado you would have your ongoing workers comp checks reduced by one-half of your initial Social Security check. Is that really fair? If you had two life insurance policies is one reduced because you get the other? Plus once you can no longer work you lose the capacity to grow your income and receive other benefits of employment (such as stock options, retirement plans, medical insurance). Once you are totally disabled you are stuck in a rut. It is good to have the benefits but you receive fixed amounts although Social Security has a small cost of living increase. If the injured worker were getting a windfall I'd agree with offsets but that is not the case. Plus workers comp is capped meaning your checks have a dollar limit even if you made a very high wage. Sorry but I feel the truly disabled deserve full benefits. What I've commented on here is in there (Right 12). Maybe its too idealistic but it asks of us...do we care about people or profits? Review the Bill of Rights by clicking here.

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