Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Dose of Reality

Lately it seems I am seeing people who have seen some ads and called attorneys who imply it is fast, simple or suggest that you'll get big bucks in your claim. The reality is that if you have a workers compensation claim not all mean big bucks. Also fast or simple likely means only that the call to the attorney is fast or easy...the claim itself is not fast or easy unless it is a late in the process. You don't select your attorney by watching slick ads that seem like short infomercials. How do you do it? First you ask around of people you trust. But that is just one part of it. Then you look for solid information. The best place might be online where you can check websites or blogs about the attorney. I mean many of us now shop online right? We review products and obtain information that helps us to save or get the best product at the best price. So search by the type of claim and your location or search by name or search by your problem or when in doubt search by whatever you wish. Do not disregard ads or the yellow pages but when you locate a possibility then follow through with an online search. Information can be your friend in trying to locate an attorney. Then if you can get an appointment does the attorney answer your questions? Does he take time with you? And...does he tell you the problems too? You want the whole picture not some simple promise to take care of you. I suggest you do this as soon as possible and then decide who is right for you. The reality is that every claim has its upside (reward) and its downside (risk) and you need to be informed not sold a bill of goods. As for some ads...don't they remind you of a barker at a carnival? You know the guy who says come over here we have an easy game to play and the prize is huge. And it's fast and easy too! Advertising is not all bad and can help in the information gathering process but the key is getting real information not a sales pitch. Search and select based on reality not pie in the sky.

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