Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free Consultations

Many attorneys in the injury and disability field state that they offer free consultations or a free initial office visit. That makes sense because most of the injured or disabled do not have the means to pay $100 or $200 or $300 or more to even see an attorney. Such a visit often takes more then one hour to be thorough. Usually mine take 1 1/2 hours as I really like to review much at the meeting. The paperwork, medical records or related legal/correspondence have to be reviewed to get an accurate picture. So talking by telephone is simply not good enough. The same with emails...just not good enough. Looking at the documentation and chatting is important to shed light on the situation. Is there some sort of catch to this free appointment? Absolutely not. It is free no matter whether you or the attorney do anything further. Of course it is also a way for the attorney to eventually earn fees but that is down the line. However do not expect the attorney to discuss other legal problems not related to your claim. The one thing that does amaze me is when someone calls and wants a free consultation but it is not something we handle or where we are not available for an appointment. When that happens most people understand and just keep seeking someone who can help them. But a few seem to think that "free" means they are entitled to it or an attorney has to see them. Nope. It just means the consultation or appointment is free when it is set by us. It is not required an attorney must consult with you only that if he does then it be free.

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