Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All About Claims...August 2008 Newsletter

The Division of Workers Compensation has just put out its latest newsletter. They call it "All About Claims" and though it is late July they have it as August 2008. That is close enough for me. Anyway this is an excellent newsletter that I wish was published more often. In this latest one they review some new law/procedural matters (on apportionment and aggravation) and also present to the public photos and information about some Judges. It highlights Judge DeMarino who is highly capable and experienced. The Judges noted are handling prehearings and settlement conferences as promptly and wisely as they can. I appreciate their involvement in these areas. Otherwise we'd be left with a slower and more adversarial system. Their mere presence in a settlement conference makes the parties and the attorneys far more amenable to a reasonable compromise. Clients who are present come away with a more realistic understanding of the process and what has to be considered in a compromise. Anyway read the newsletter here.

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