Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peak Vista Registration

Back in December 2007 I mentioned Peak Vista. This facility provides medical care to the less fortunate. It is an excellent resource when you have no funds and need medical help. I am posting here a link to the Peak Vista registration page where you can check out eligibility. This place really helps people so use it if at all possible and you cannot afford a private doctor and have no other benefits. If your workers comp has been denied or you want Social Security disability but have no money then check into this. My only criticism of Peak Vista (one shared by other attorneys) is they usually do not fill out any paperwork to assist with your claim for benefits. I realize it is time consuming and their time is valuable but if someone can get workers comp or Social Security then medical benefits are usually provided to them. To me this would allow the patient to obtain other medical care (freeing up Peak Vista people to help others) or perhaps Peak Vista could then bill and receive medicare payments. Of course I also understand that they do the best they can with what they have. In that regard, by reputation, they are quite helpful for most people. Whenever possible if you hurt and are broke give them a try. Who knows they may just save your life.

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