Sunday, September 28, 2008

SET Family Medical Clinics

A couple of posts ago I noted that low income people can seek out Peak Vista for medical assistance. But there is also another low income resource for medical assistance in this region that also deserves mention. One of my clients recently mentioned this to me and so here is a link to their website. If you are low income but can afford it they do charge a small fee but if not they still welcome you. The reason I mention this is that many people who are disabled or hurt do not realize there are medical resources out there willing to help. Some people have worked very hard all their lives and when trouble comes they lack knowledge of these resources. If you've been working hard and supporting yourself but find yourself knocked down its good to know that this exists. Legally it is important when you have a disability or need treatment for something that it may be available. Our society has caused medical insurance rates to be unaffordable for many hard working people. That needs change but in the meantime use what's there. A Judge can wonder how hurt or disabled you are if you avoid treatment. We can say its because you cannot afford it but it can make them question your disability.

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