Monday, September 08, 2008

We Are Rated in Top 25 Workers Comp Blogs!

Received a nice email today from LexisNexis a major publisher. They have included our blog in the Top 25 in the country! It is a nice honor and much appreciated. Of course in turn I can say its contents are primarily the result of the problems and disabilities of those injured workers who deserve fair treatment. It always amazes me when I work in this field to deal with those who seem to reduce the injured worker to a price tag. No question there are financial elements of a claim but many of the injured must now live with pain and limitation. Further many must deal with other problems such as loss of career, depression and changing their lifestyle. They deserve to have their story told and told and told. I'll help tell it as long as I can for many years to come. Here is the link to view the Top 25 Blogs .

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