Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Top Ten Reasons

Why do injured workers hire attorneys? Over at the Workplace Injury and Law Advocacy Group one writer set forth ten major reasons. Quoting from the article here is the list:

10. Does not know the value of Permanent
Partial disability final payment.
9. Harassment from employer while on
restricted duty.
8. Has other legal issues (SSD, Short/Long
Term, ERISA subrogation, unemployment).
7. Poor Medical Care.
6. Fear of losing job or loses job.
5. Poor Treatment by adjuster/nurse case
4. Total Permanent situation.
3. Temporary Total Benefits not paid timely or
in correct amount.
2. Employer ignores Injury and refuses to
refer for medical treatment.
1. Changes in the law.

It is rather clear above that "protection" is the biggest single consideration. I would also like to add that an attorney can not only protect but also will seek to maximize your medical and compensation benefits. This can mean doubling, tripling or multiplying by over 10 times what the insurer says they still owe you. It can mean taking a claim when the insurance says you've been treated and released without impairment and obtaining more treatment and benefits. A decent attorney can not only protect but also increase your benefits considerably.

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