Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which do you prefer Colorado or NY workers comp?

The Hew York Times has a long article on the terrible state of comp in New York. It gave me the shivers to read. In Colorado much can be done to improve our state's workers comp system. I still believe that arm and leg injuries deserve more benefits especially when the person loses his trade or occupation. But there are parts of our system that have worked well especially the DIME or Division Independent Medical Exam process. No doubt there are many cases where things do not go well but overall it seems at least better then NY State. Anyway read about the horrible state of workers comp in NY here. Those of us in this field know that most of our judges do try to apply the law. They also know that many doctors are not just hired guns by the insurers or second rate. Those that are can often be overridden by the DIME process. Our system is not perfect and many times employees are treated like old newspapers but there are some safeguards and rules which can be used to equalize the case. At least with solid legal effort you can increase benefits but the NY article makes it seem like NY is out of control. I am not sure on that but the article is an interesting read.

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