Sunday, October 11, 2009

Colorado Employment Law information

We receive many calls from people asking for help with an employment law issue. I guess perhaps they misunderstand that workers compensation is not the same as other employment related matters. Someone who is wrongfully terminated or discriminated against or asking about vacations or unemployment or medical leave may turn to us since we represent injured workers. But we do not handle these areas although sometimes they can affect workers compensation benefits. But first there must be an actual injury or occupational disease. We only practice in the areas of work injuries and disabilities. Even there we only take a limited number of cases. However the state has posted what it calls advisory bulletins in a number of these areas. To view them click here. Perhaps they do not answer all questions but the materials do try to provide some guidance in some of these areas. For example did you know that there is no required vacation policy in Colorado? At least none for private employers but that just means it is not state mandated. You may still have rights as may be part of your particular employment contract. Want to know about tips or overtime? It's there.

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