Monday, October 12, 2009

Interim Committee Report on Pinnacol

If you want to see some interesting materials on Pinnacol Assurance then click here.
This is the Interim Committee of some Colorado legislators that are concerned about the quasi-private/public company called Pinnacol Assurance. Pinnacol handles more then 50% of Colorado work injury claims and has been in the news quite a bit. I've always felt that Pinnacol is by no means the only insurer that can be criticized. It is however the one insurer that the state probably feels can be controlled more then others. Personally much of the criticism is really about the advantages that insurers have in a workers comp case perhaps because of a system that makes it easier to contest or deny benefits. We should speed up the system, look at those denials and low benefits that are simply unreasonable and change the law. Until then all insurers have some areas where they have an unfair advantage. What I would also like to draw attention to however are a few of the written letters to the committee that tell us we need to do better for injured workers. Here is one example worth reading.

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