Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brochure Now Required in all Workers Comp cases

A new Colorado statute has addressed a disclosure brochure to be provided to all claimants. It is a very concise disclosure on the subject of workers compensation. Seems like an advisory of the claim process and your rights as a claimant. That claim process is indeed quite complicated and the "brochure" seems designed to provide basic information and is required to be provided to you. No amount of disclosures will ever simplify the process but it does give the claimant a heads up on it. The problem with information is not that it is bad but that it can be incomplete. In workers compensation it is not possible to be completely accurate on all matters at all times. There are simply too many cases, too many rules, too many statutes and much more. For example there are tips for physicians and AMA Guides that are outdated but part of the workers comp process. Then as laws change you may come under old law or the new law or both. As recently as in the Nelson case we can see the clash of the old and new. Looking at the brochure I can say it is also not entirely accurate. One example is that it says an Admission will contain your wage but that is not always accurate. My office received a recently filed Admission without any wage figure. The point is this new Brochure can be helpful but also use your common sense and when possible obtain legal representation.

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