Friday, May 07, 2010

Notices of Rulemaking

Based on statutory changes and a need to make rules to comply with law changes the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation is moving forward with proposed new rules in certain areas. The Division lets us know ahead of time what is coming up to consider and this can be viewed here. One proposed change which will likely be approved is a new and more current life expectancy table. Such a table is primarily used in the computations for permanent total disability. Those benefits are paid out every other week and when we try to settle them we have to mathematically estimate the present value of those checks allowing for inflation and other factors. It is a bit like a home mortgage in that the cash price for the house is one figure and the monthly mortgage over many years adds up to a much higher number. Life expectancy is plugged into the math calculations to help compute the cash or present value of your biweekly checks. The longer you are figured to live the higher the cash value. The table now in use has not been updated in years. I took a quick look at the new proposed table. In one example the table changes the expectancy from 23.1 to 27 for a 58 year old. The other proposed rules concern surveys of claimants and insurance IME matters.

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