Friday, May 28, 2010

Workers Comp Penalties are Increased

One statutory change that was signed as law by the governor pertains to penalties. The maximum penalty for a violation of a workers comp law/order is now $1000.00 a day although it can be apportioned or split with half or more to the party and the rest to a fund. Any penalty remains in the discretion of the judge. I would prefer that penalties be imposed more often in workers compensation proceedings where benefits are withheld. I would also prefer that they have some teeth rather then be a minimal amount. If a penalty is meant to punish or teach a lesson it fails to do that if the time and expense of proceeding makes it not wise to proceed. The victim if you will should not be the one punished. That just fails to enforce the intent of the provision. In any event the legislature is increasing the amount that can be imposed as a penalty.

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