Friday, August 05, 2011

Colorado Governor Reviewing Privatization of Pinnacol

As noted today in this Denver Post article it appears there still is interest in privatizing Pinnacol. Pinnacol Assurance is the state's largest workers comp insurer and originally was set up by the state to assist businesses especially high risk businesses in obtaining workers comp insurance. Despite many insurers saying otherwise usually premiums generate decent revenues. The so called cash reserves are amounts set aside to deal with claims or matters that require reserves but they do seem like profits when they get pretty high. Colorado legislators, in the past, thought about taking some of that to help with the budget problems but it never happened. New board members were appointed and there remains interest in exploring privitizing Pinnacol. The last time Pinnacol was willing to pay to obtain more private operations. One Republican legislator has said any cash to do so should go to the business owners who paid Pinnacol and are considered policyholders but of course Pinnacol also has a public side so once again we will see what happens.

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