Monday, August 29, 2011

Division IME Forms Including a new one WC78

You can access numerous forms pertaining to DIME's or Division IME's at this webpage maintained by the Division. It includes a new form which pertains to requesting a DIME to assess maximum medical improvement (MMI) after 18 months. Usually your treating physician determines MMI as soon as possible but there are times when he has not addressed it despite the passage of much time and treatment. The insurer may then seek to arrange a DIME to determine MMI. This new form WC78 is part of that process. Be aware that this 18 month DIME is addressing MMI. If impairment is also addressed it does not mean that is anything more then informational. In a recent Industrial Claims Appeal case I call Baca the insurer went with an 18 month DIME and then went with that DIME's impairment rating which was zero. They filed a Final Admission trying to close the case. The local judge ruled against them and struck the Final Admission. directing that the claimant return to the treating physician for the rating. The higher panel in effect stopped the appeal because that ruling did not deal with money or benefits but the case makes us all aware that an 18 month DIME may not address impairment in a way that can be acted upon by the insurer. Of course the Baca case may not be over but the form WC78 issued shortly thereafter indicates any rating by a 18 month DIME is informational only.

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