Monday, August 08, 2011

Pinnacol Withdraws Handling Cases for State

This article from the Pueblo Chieftain states that Pinnacol Assurance is withdrawing from being the adjustor or representative for the state of Colorado's workers comp cases. If you worked for the state and had a work injury Pinnacol would have handled the claim for the state. It charged for doing that and decided it no longer wanted to handle the claims. The state acted and replaced Pinnacol with another company, Broadspire. Some may be upset with Pinnacol since it was very closely associated with the state from its inception. The reason given...that state claims are hard to handle may or may not be so but Pinnacol may be setting up to break away from the state entirely too. I do know that in the past it was more difficult to settle when we had to go through an attorney who then went to Pinnacol who then had to go through the state agency/employer.

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