Saturday, October 23, 2010

Workers Comp Educational Conference

The Colorado Division of Workers Compensation placed all of the written materials from its first annual educational conference online. You can access it here. The materials are fairly extensive and insightful. Be aware that some of the materials seem to be in outline form because these materials were handed out at an actual conference where the writer also lectured. The materials do presuppose some knowledge of workers compensation but I have to admit they are a valuable resource to anyone in this area. It helps to keep us up to date and to address areas where there may be questions.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

High Heels = Work Injury and Discrimination Claim

This case being reported by the American Lawyer and at is not a Colorado workers comp case. But what makes it interesting is the allegation that females at a law firm were required to wear high heels which then led to a workplace injury. Then the allegation is that no accomodation was made and there was reinjury and this went on until the lady lost her job. So the case goes beyond the routine work injury to result in an additional claim for discrimination. It is unusual enough that it seemed worthy to post here. High injury...seems like a blast from the past. In many Colorado law firms the dress is casual but even when it is not I am unaware of any required dress code that says you must wear high heels.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Annual Fall 2010 Workers Comp Seminar

This is just to make you aware that Colorado has its annual fall update on workers compensation coming up soon. It is usually an excellent seminar and well worth it. It also provides attorneys with continuing legal education credits. Those who cannot attend can order the materials. Workers comp is quite technical in the sense it has a great many rules, cases, deadlines, forms, guidelines and much more. Staying on top of it is critical. Colorado has a rather large amount of available resources but it still requires being up to date. Aside from legislative changes there are cases and rules which may have been updated over the last year. The lecturers at this seminar are often quite good at presenting the materials in an interesting way. Those that attend also get a chance to interact with others in the field so the fall seminar is often the best one out there.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Medications Involved with Injury Claims

Over at LexisNexis they posted about many of the common medications by name and generic version which are often prescribed for the injured. It is set up in a chart format but still you may need to scroll down as you look for the medication. It sometimes amazes me how many medications a person can be taking. Moreover those with Social Security disability claims can have multiple health problems. That can mean they may be taking a great many medications for pain, for the heart, for the stomach, for sleep, for anxiety, for diabetes and a host of other things. When I talk with people I must admit that some medications really do work. However it very much depends on the person. I can see the reason doctors have to try one thing and then another to see what works for you.