Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Traumatic Brain Injury proposed guideline

On November 15, 2012 the Division of Workers Compensation will have a hearing to address its proposed treatment guideline for Traumatic Brain Injury. For more information on this check out this page. Treatment guidelines are the recommended protocols for all to consider in the treatment of those with a traumatic brain injury. Such an injury, even if seemingly mild, may have long term effects on a claimant to include their employability. Assuming the proposed guidelines go through then it may be important when we are dealing with such injury to refer to these guidelines from time to time. While deviations from the guidelines may be possible the guidelines provide a framework for assessing ongoing treatment. In returning a claimant to work the proposed guidelines note that those with a TBI should not just be released to light or sedentary duty without specific physical or cognitive limitations. Drawing the attention of the treating physician to the guidelines and even specific quotes from those guidelines might be an important thing to act on. In any event these proposed guidelines are coming up for hearing so those with a TBI case should monitor the situation.