Saturday, March 15, 2014

Apex Court of Appeals case on worsening

The Apex case was just published on March 13, 2014. It actually was originally decided in January but the court decided to publish it now. When published the case applies to all not just the parties. It can be cited as precedent in legal research. The case involves worsening. The claimant sustained a shoulder injury. Initially he was given no work restrictions but he was also terminated from his job. Apparently for pain he had taken a pain pill from his brother. Unfortunately his employer had a no tolerance policy and when discovered it resulted in his termination. Several days later he returned to the authorized physician who noted his pain and took him off work. Thereafter the claimant sought temporary benefits and asserted his condition had worsened enough to be entitled to temporary benefits. With his termination for cause he had to show a worsening to receive such benefits. So the case involved the issue of worsening. Now most of us would believe that going from a work status to a no work status is a worsening. However the court concluded that this fact alone does not establish a worsening. The court indicated the physician had not documented a worsening. Of course being now unable to work seems to be a worsening. Functionally going from work to no work is significant to me but that is just my view. Whether this case will be appealed further I do not know but as of now the rule is that increased work restrictions alone are not sufficient to establish a worsening. Read the case for the perspective of the court.