Saturday, August 08, 2015

All About Claims newsletter August 2015

The Division has just published a new newsletter for August 2015. Usually these newsletters are very helpful in providing insight into the Division and giving you a heads up on various legal matters. This month the focus is on Prehearing conference Judge Craig Eley. For my cases and myself Judge Eley has been great. He does
more then decide matters. He educates many of us with his Brown Bag monthly lunch seminar on interesting recent cases. He does so often with great humor. He helps settle cases by being the go between in a settlement conference. His story is in the newsletter and it's enjoyable to read about this popular and capable judge. At present he is working part time at the Division. I for one certainly hope he continues on for many years to come. By the way in the story Judge Eley tells us about one hobby he has, that of beekeeping. By day he deals with attorneys but goes home to relax with 60000 venomous insects. Also the newsletter alerts us to other things. There is a link to the latest laws and it provides a link to a guide for adjusters. You never know what these newsletters contain but they are always an interesting and even light hearted read. August 2015 gives us another excellent article and information.