Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Newsletter Issue 38

The Division of Workers Compensation issued a new newsletter, Issue 38. This issue is quite unique. It really provides a
review of the recent legislation. New laws that apply to cases are summarized in the issue and it has the actual statutory amendments as well. For example nowadays the injured worker needs to be provided with a list of four doctors from which he can choose to treat him for the injury. The law in this area has evolved over the years. The employer usually can select the doctor to send injured workers to for evaluation or treatment. Employees have been seeking more input in this process. Historically the employer selected doctor might be less on the side of the claimant and most of us expect the doctor to be for you not in the pocket of the employer or insurer. Even if not so the claimant could feel a let down. My experience has been that employer selected doctors tend to be quicker to release the claimant from treatment and to rate impairment lower then desired. So the latest law requires the employer to provide you with 4 names not just one doctors name. Personally I prefer that the employee choose his own doctor but at least this new law provides some choice. In any event this issue details out the recent law changes. Let me once again suggest that anyone with a work injury seek out an attorney to represent them if possible. This field is quite complex and doing it yourself is not advisable. Common sense is not enough.