Monday, April 07, 2014

Colorado Bar Association List of Attorneys

The latest list of attorneys who handle workers comp matters has been put out by the Bar Association. By no means is this an exclusive list. There are attorneys not on the list who have experience handling workers compensation cases. But the list does contain helpful names of experienced attorneys in various communities. This field is highly complex and where possible an injured worker should obtain legal representation. Waiting on this could be damaging to your case. It is the preference with most experienced attorneys to become involved early on in the case. But if that did not happen then consider acting now to find an attorney. The sooner the better. There are no guarantees in any case. What can seem to be clear and simple may deteriorate in a heartbeat. A claim can be contested or in conflict at any time. Moreover it can take planning and effort to maximize the claim. You can bet the adjustor has access to an attorney at all times. After years practicing in this field even though I am now retired I truly believe a claimant should try to obtain an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Not doing so likely means the loss of thousands or even the loss of the claim. Even a nice adjustor has a duty to his or her employer, the insurance company. They want to minimize benefits. In any event this list is one resource for those seeking an attorney.