Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Picking an Attorney

Perhaps once a year I discuss workers compensation attorneys. I've said in the past that advertising is out there but not necessarily the way to find an attorney. I'm retired so I have no ax to grind. I believe in advertising as a means for an attorney to get his name out there and for a claimant to know there are attorneys out there. In that sense advertising is a good thing. However attorney advertising is so frequent that it can make you think that the guy is a superman. And some advertising can make it seem simple to make a potful of money and benefits. Just get this guy and your worries are over! Well it's just not realistic to find superman in an ad. I'm not saying that competent attorneys do not advertise or that advertising is's not. But when your health, finances and future may be at stake as they can be in workers comp then you should proceed with caution to find your attorney. Nowadays you can search online along with watching TV commercials to find an attorney. You may have friends or relatives who have used someone in the field. Another resource may be at the Division website
. The point is to explore your options as much as you can. You can even make an appointment with more then one attorney. It is your case and your decision so use common sense. And by the way if your attorney is not working out for you then you are not necessarily stuck with him. However being upset with an attorney for telling you the truth is not the best way to switch attorneys. The law is not always favorable. If you are unable to get answers and your calls are ignored that failure to communicate is a sign of a problem. In seeking an attorney be smart about it. While you may need proceed with speed you still have options. If you are interested in someone do more research. Have a sit down and then get a second opinion. There truly are some very capable attorneys out there in this field. Some of them may also handle other matters such as Social Security disability. And best wishes to you!