Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two new Prehearing Judges Coming in 2014

We have learned of two new prehearing judges that will be coming on board in early 2014. Barbara Henk will be active as of February 1, 2014 and Patricia Clisham as of March 1, 2014. They are both highly experienced and well respected in the workers compensation community. They have both
been judges at hearings and active at the OAC. Prehearing judges are quite important in the workers compensation system. They handle prehearings on various preliminary matters. They address motions when brought to them. They are also involved in settlement conferences. I recall many a conference where the claimant took the position he was totally and permanently disabled and the other side was certain he was employable. The attorneys can do a lot of talking but the input of the judge was often critical in moving the parties to a reasonable compromise. The judge might educate the claimant to the risks of a hearing and appeals but also educate the other side on the merits of the permanent total claim which could mean a very high monetary risk to the other side. Settlements are often smart resolutions of cases. Hearings may be necessary at times but most cases can be settled with solid effort by the parties and the aid of the prehearing judge at a settlement conference. The new judges should be helpful in this area. They bring a wealth of talent and wisdom from their experiences. So I can only say that they are good additions to the process.